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"No life is so difficult that it can´t be made easier by the way it is lived."
Marcos Rossi

“Limitation is a concept that is inside people’s heads and it can be unlearned"


“Limitation is a concept that is inside people’s heads and it can be unlearned.” In his speech, Marcos Rossi draws a parallel between his own life experiences and the ones that permeate each of our lives, going through personal, social and corporate issues. He takes the audience to a deep reflection about the values of life, as well as the attitudes that many of us have in face of the hardships that often arise in everyday’s life: problems at work, difficulties achieving goals with expertise and effectiveness, problems with relationships and self acceptance, among others.

Following his own life path and how he dealt with his hardships and overcame them in each life stage, Rossi brings questions and self-reflection and behavioural changes that leads manly to attitudes of improvemen.

· Provoke behavioural changes to achieve goals
· Personal and interpersonal motivation
· Inspire the wisdom to deal with difficult and new situations
· Enhance positive attitudes at work
· Present ways to overcome obstacles
· Positive cognitive applications
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“Can you feel the love tonight?"

Elton John


“The average Brazilian has one and a half children per couple.
Nice to meet you, I'm the half one!"


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The amazing life path of Marcos Rossi, told with humorous vivacity.


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The average Brazilian has one and a half children per couple. An obstetrician faints when he takes a baby from a mother’s womb. A kid surfs past the waves with his crutches on the board. More than a hundred drummers from a samba group watch in silence the audition of a wheelchair user who wants to be a drummer. A street performer moves people singing “I believe I can” on Sundays at Paulista Avenue. Chicago Bull’s basketball mascot, Benny, puts his mask on a handicapped man, to the delight of the whole gym. A grown up man, a lawyer and father of two has butterflies facing the audience in his first speech as a motivational speaker. What ties these episodes together? Born without legs and without arms due to an extremely rare condition, the Hanhart Syndrome, these are scenes from Marcos Rossi’s amazing life path, told with humorous vivacity in his “What is Impossible to You?”

His life story inspired thousands of people.
Marcos Rossi moves people wherever he goes!

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